Your face is a blog.

Blog face

Okay so, everyone has a blog now a days and everyone has been pestering me to write a blog for quite sometime. So this is me acquiescing. Sitting here I am rather taken with the idea. I’m not sure if I’ll be good at blogging, I’m slightly foul mouthed, I’ve always been a little stubborn, but if I can figure it out this blog will be majestic AF.

I’ve always craved that feeling of productive happiness. Something that you can work on that you love, that you can create and bring joy to other people, something you can make a living from and something you can do (preferably) without having to answer to anyone but yourself. I tried a few different careers none actually stuck until I found baking. Which is weird because since I was wee bairn my mother used to say I was meant to be a baker. Just shows how obstinate a child can be (and stubbornness noted in paragraph below!). I muddled through a few wedding cake courses and chef school to find myself an actual chef. Now I have a bit of work experience, a decent knowledge of what I enjoy, what flavours go well together, and how to make a fucking great choux pastry.

Yes, I am disastrously stubborn, some times to my detriment and others to great benefit. So I wont say it’s an all around bad trait. I have of course worked underneath, around and with other people, loving it frequently, but often I find I do my best work in my own space, family laughing in the background and me with my headphones listening to Iron Maiden. This is not to say I wont work with other people, I have worked in teams before quite successfully. The goal here is to open my own shop and I will at some point have other people working with me, and it will be GLORIOUS.

Okay well back to the elephant in the room, this BLOG thing. How this is going to work… I will be adding a new entry every day (or at least attempting to) about food, recipes I have made, acquired, stole, dreamt of, dumpster-dived etc. Maybe I’ll put some pictures up, a video or two, some GIFs of unicorns, that sort of malarkey. All of this is for you! Please read and enjoy! Try the recipes and e-mail me back with your comments and pictures I would be delighted to hear back from you!

This is for my family.

For love and laughter.


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