Spesh Ginger Tea

I haven’t posted the last couple days, I was driving back from the hypnotic coast back to the cavernous city. There isn’t much WiFi between the winding passes and great expanses of veld. I think the majority of people will be back from holiday by now, I think I was one of the lucky few to have dragged it out for longer than expected.



We all have this tiny sadness in our bellies and the end of December after family, friends, feasts just wishing we could drag it out a little longer. I find mine disappears after I have my first cup of tea after my very first proper night sleep back home. Currently I’m enjoying some tea I made myself and scrubbing out my belly sads.

I do have teabags before you ask but I felt like something different. I found some wrinkly old ginger and I love ginger tea, and ginger gives you such a wonderful boost and we all need that little boost after our beautiful holidays.

What you do:

  • Fresh ginger. (I suggest you use fresh it’s stronger, mine was a bit old I had to use loads)
  • 1 Lemon
  • Honey
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Best Tea mug in your cupboard

Peel and slice about 2-3 cm of your ginger stem depending on how strong you like your tea, you can always add more later. Pop it into your cup.

Zest and squeeze your lemon, add 1 tsp of the juice to your tea and a little dash of the zest. Fill with hot water and add honey to taste. When I add my cayenne I usually just take the tip of my knife and dip it in the pot and take that much but it’s all pretty much to taste.

Let it sit for a little bit before so your ginger can get juicy. Then enjoy some heart warming ginger tea.

This is totally working for me right now I hope it does the same trick for you!

xx N




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