Month: January 2020

Vegan lavender and maple “shortbread” (super easy)

Super easy vegan friendly shortbread!

Mushroom and chickpea Pasta (vegan friendly)

I was looking for something easy and hearty for dinner, this pasta dish goes pretty far. Feed 4 ish people or eat it all by yourself, no one will judge you. It also makes great leftovers, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love leftovers?… Continue Reading “Mushroom and chickpea Pasta (vegan friendly)”

Spicy beans and rice burrito (vegan friendly)

Okay so I love Mexican food, and since becoming vegan I have found a new appreciation for all things bean related. Weirdly my sense of taste has been amplified and I’m pretty sure it’s to do with the new diet. In appreciation for the… Continue Reading “Spicy beans and rice burrito (vegan friendly)”

Crispy tofu, pearled wheat and miso dressing (vegan friendly)

This was the first recipe I’ve created where I dabbled in formal food photography. I hope to get better at it but bear with me while I practice.This recipe is a really lovely and fresh addition to any meal, or even one by itself.… Continue Reading “Crispy tofu, pearled wheat and miso dressing (vegan friendly)”

Veganuary and other stuff

So I am back from a really (really though) long break. My life went a bit pear shaped but I have rediscovered myself and new healthy food trends to boot. I realized toxic relationships are similar to animal products, they make for an unhealthy… Continue Reading “Veganuary and other stuff”

Altared Intentions

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