Veganuary and other stuff

So I am back from a really (really though) long break. My life went a bit pear shaped but I have rediscovered myself and new healthy food trends to boot. I realized toxic relationships are similar to animal products, they make for an unhealthy mind and body.
I have been a pescatarian for about 2 years, and as the new year started I transition to vegan. It was an easy decision considering the current state of animal abuse going on in today’s production of meat and dairy products.
Some other things have changed since last we spoke, for example, my cat Boo turned into Satan, I got married, I got (sort of) divorced. I adopted another kitten who has wormed his way into being my whole world. His name is BC and he will most likely make up a substantial part of my writing.

I am committed to providing a barely funny and semi-interesting blog for all the 1 or 2 people who read this.

Here’s to a wonderful 2020!

Love and health to all of you.


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