Basil and blueberry (n)ice-cream

I love ice-cream so much, it was the one thing I really missed when I changed over to vegan. I have found a fantastic substitute that is so much easier to make than normal ice-cream and tastes just as good.

It’s so bloody hot right now and it’s only going to get hotter, so why not mix up a big batch of (n)ice-cream and cool yourself down.

Blueberry and basil deliciousness

What you’ll need:

2-3                        bananas, sliced and frozen

1 cup                    blueberries

4 leaves               fresh basil

½ tsp                    vanilla essence

How to do it:

  1. For this part all you’ll need is a food processer, blender or nutribullet.
  2. Chuck all the ingredients in the blender and put it on high until smooth. It might take a while, be patient.
  3. Scoop it into a container and put it in the freezer. Or just eat it straight away, no one is judging x

This recipe is really ridiculously easy. Also it’s super modifiable. You can substitute the berries and basil for peanut butter and a bit of syrup, or even cocoa powder and chocolate chips. You do you my friends.

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As always, thanks for reading and if you try this out drop me a message and let me know how it turned out, or you can tag me in your creations on Instagram @flightoffancyfood or on Facebook @ninabakesstuff.

Love and health to all of you,



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