When I was young I have this really spectacular toy. It was an oven, but it didn’t make muffins or anything, it made little plastic bugs. You’d squirt your bug jelly into your creepy moulds and bake insects. Totally wonderful. I’m almost 100% sure this is where my passion for patisserie came from.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have spawned from a really wonderful family. Each one contributing to where I am now. A mother who went through journalist, artist, PR guru and still had time to be a first class mom and a Michelin star chef after hours. A father who supports me with unwavering resolve and always understands my dream even if I don’t quite get it yet myself, the glue of the household.

I have this sister who inspires me every day with her madness, and my brother in law who does just the same. Two grandmothers, one put me through chef school for which I am eternally grateful, the other, I have inherited all of her talent for baking it seems, and her recipe books!

Through this blog there will be stories about my family and me, and how weird and wonderful they are and the food we’ve had, and will have.

Don’t go anywhere, this could be interesting.


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