Dark Chocolate Mousse with Milk Tart Macarons

This post I’m going to write as I do it. I don’t really know why I’m just testing the waters. I have my laptop set up here in the kitchen and I’m doing a relay thing. I’ve just finished the mousse (mousses, meese?) and I’ll be doing the macarons shortly.

It is macarons though, I know a generous amount of people say macaroon but the proper name for the delicious morsels you are about to create is a macaron. A macaroon is a coconut biscuit of sorts. Someone may prove me wrong but I do stand by this, a very good chef friend taught me this and I’ll probably go to my grave fighting the good macaron fight.

Skeleton Crew – Ben

It’s been a tad quiet around our holiday house today, the bulk of our family and visitors have all gone home, what remains is the skeleton crew. We are having a couple around tonight to bolster the noise rating slightly to make us feel slightly more at home, I have been told they are foodies so I have to make something worth while. I had a scavenge this morning to see what I had to work with and came up with 3/4 carton of cream, a good chunk of dark couverture, a baby packet of almond flour, cinnamon sticks (maybe old but I’ll risk it) and some eggs. Mousse and macarons it is. I’m hoping I get a thumbs up tonight because word spreads you know.


Okay well lets get down to it.

Dark Chocolate Mousse (5 servings) Read More

Salmon Cups

There is this amazing deli near where we settle for the December holiday. You can pick up really tasty meat and magical cheese, all sorts of goodness. We bought a few packs of really sweet salmon trout to use for a starter for our family Christmas dinner.

I used canelés molds to set out some lovely little salmon cups for our starter. It’s so hot around December we didn’t want anything to filling or stodgy. This little dish is small and tasty and refreshing for a nice summer starter. Read More

Sweetcorn Muffins


Hello Beautiful. Fancy a muffin?

This morning we had a really great breakfast and I was tasked to make breakfast muffins to accompany our repast. So the thing is with a muffin recipe, you can fiddle with it to a certain extent, add something you like instead of something else you dig. But you have to make sure the balance of liquids and dry ingredients are right.

These little muffs accompanied my mothers amazing scrambled eggs, some really majestic salmon trout we purchased and eight hungry taste testers with super personalities to boot.

I love a little morning muffin. You can also freeze the batter. But why would you want to? Just make them and eat them they’re good. Read More

Magic Meringues

So I figured first post, lets do something simple. Testing the waters as it were. Last night for New Years Eve I made a really gorgeous dessert with fig macrons and honeyed cashews and other wonderful things, I’ll recipe the whole dish at some point, but one component was also these really great nuggets of happiness.

Meringues of Happiness

Now I know quite a lot of people struggle with meringues whether its having the come out burnt or weird and hollow or too runny or not whipping at all or other weird problems. I have too at one point or another. This is my little fail safe recipe and some basic tips for not screwing up meringues.

This recipe is solid and pretty great for piping baskets for fruit and cream, so beautiful! Or just mini meringues for snacks or why not just full sized meringues for big snacks! (no one is judging you.)

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Your face is a blog.

Blog face

Okay so, everyone has a blog now a days and everyone has been pestering me to write a blog for quite sometime. So this is me acquiescing. Sitting here I am rather taken with the idea. I’m not sure if I’ll be good at blogging, I’m slightly foul mouthed, I’ve always been a little stubborn, but if I can figure it out this blog will be majestic AF.

I’ve always craved that feeling of productive happiness. Something that you can work on that you love, that you can create and bring joy to other people, something you can make a living from and something you can do (preferably) without having to answer to anyone but yourself. I tried a few different careers none actually stuck until I found baking. Which is weird because since I was wee bairn my mother used to say I was meant to be a baker. Just shows how obstinate a child can be (and stubbornness noted in paragraph below!). I muddled through a few wedding cake courses and chef school to find myself an actual chef. Now I have a bit of work experience, a decent knowledge of what I enjoy, what flavours go well together, and how to make a fucking great choux pastry.

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