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vegan stollen

Vegan Stollen!

snowball cookies

These little treats turned out so well. There are very few left, please don’t judge me haha. They are super light, sweet and incredibly easy. The most difficult part is the rolling in the icing sugar because that stuff gets everywhere. What you’ll need:… Continue Reading “snowball cookies”

Sweet brussel sprout bake

This is one of those side dishes that is a bit more like a dessert. It’s perfect along side any dinner time roast. If you don’t like it so sweet you can reduce the amount of syrup in the recipe, but it really does… Continue Reading “Sweet brussel sprout bake”

gingerbread people

Gingerbread People x

Festive butternut roast

Butternut Roast!

Altared Intentions

Manifesting & Healing With The Stars